Our Services

Integrated design

IBL GmbH offers design services in all service segments, providing integrated, innovative solutions. Variously skilled in all areas of the construction industry, our experienced specialists work together and across disciplines – in conjunction with the customer – to develop comprehensive solutions that are technologically and economically optimised. For the customer, integrated design offers the advantage of dealing with a single contact person to address issues pertinent to the various interfaces, including design-associated cost control and timeline monitoring.

Project management and construction controlling

Based upon the project concept, we inspect sites in terms of suitability and generate a series of cost estimates in the early project phases. We supply the essential detailing you require to make your decisions. Wholeheartedly committed to your objectives, we work creatively and with initiative to plan and deliver efficient processes for the development, design and implementation of your complex projects. We supervise your projects and continuously monitor timelines, quality and costs. You can rely on our experience.

Process and plant design

We design processes and develop maintenance strategies tailored to the respective railway vehicle requirements. We determine expedient technical equipment and define structural and commercial exigencies and requirements. Our integrated design offering incorporates the development of a model plant, contingent upon the land available and our assessment of the associated logistics. We compile feasibility studies and provide the detailing you need to make the right decisions. We inspect your production facilities to identify areas that merit optimisation. We inspect and develop your production facilities with a view to optimising component machining.

All HOAI service segments

We undertake project planning for the following service segments: buildings and edifices, outdoor installations, structural engineering and transport facilities. We undertake specialist planning for structural design, construction physics and technical equipment. Assuming a supervisory role in construction projects, we also monitor costs, timelines and quality. We assume complete responsibility for site supervision, project management and all documentation.

Construction physics and energy consulting

We generate construction physics calculation reports and provide comprehensive certification in accordance with EnEV, regulations governing energy conservation in Germany. We develop energy optimisation solutions for buildings and facilities. And we develop solutions for the use of alternative energies.

H&S coordination conforming to the Construction Site Ordinance

Our trained and certified team assumes responsibility for the coordination of health and safety exigencies on your construction sites in accordance with the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV) issued on 10.06.1998.

Local authority engineering liaison

We offer support and advice and are equipped to carry out or manage all required procedures involved in the approval process on your behalf. We can also help you prepare funding applications.

Authorisation to participate in construction submissions in accordance with VV Bau

Our dedicated team has been trained and certified to render services in association with Deutsche Bahn AG, as stipulated by railway construction regulations detailed in VV Bau and VV Bau STE.

Railway construction site supervisors

We have a team that has been trained and certified to render services in accordance with BETRA 4.2, as well as personnel who are authorised to request the EVU to administer specific power supply arrangements that facilitate working on Deutsche Bahn AG’s overhead line systems.


Our team has received comprehensive training and certification in cost planning using GRANID, the EDP system specific to Deutsche Bahn AG.


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Directions to our Magdeburg office

If approaching from the north on the A2, take the “Rothensee” exit and follow the August-Bebel-Damm until you reach the junction that permits access to the industrial port. The access road leads to Saalestraße/Theodor-Kozlowski-Straße. If approaching on the A14, take the “Magdeburg Zentrum” exit and follow the Magdeburg ring road to the “Universitätsplatz” exit. Continue eastwards on the B1 to Sandtorstraße and then to Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße, taking the third exit on the roundabout, which permits access to the port area. Our office is located in the first building on the right hand side of Niels-Bohr-Straße at the hub of the Science Port. Parking is available directly outside the office.

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Directions to our Hanover office

Leave the A2 south-bound (Hanover-Nord) at junction 44, marked “Hannover/Langenhagen”. Continue for 4.5 km along Vahrenwalder Straße. Just before the railway bridge, bear left and turn into Hamburger Allee. Stay in the right hand lane on Hamburger Allee that takes you straight ahead, rather than taking the elevated lane. Once you have passed the television tower on your right, take the third turning on the right into Volgersweg. The second street on the left is Hinüberstraße: our office is located on the left hand side, roughly 30 m along this road. Pay and display parking is available in front of our office and in the multi-storey car park at the main railway station.

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